Research Project Title

Project Number & Principal Investigators

Reports & Summaries

Mitigating Alkali Silicate Reaction In Recycled Concrete

RMRC PROJECT 1-2 PI:David Gress

Leaching Characteristics of Ash

RMRC PROJECT 3-4 PI:Kevin Gardner

Improving Sound Absorbing Capacity of PCC Pavement


Evaluation of Recycled Material Aggregates

RMRC PROJECT 6 PI:Jeffery Melton

Contaminant Leaching from Secondary Materials

RMRC PROJECT 7-8 PI's:Taylor Eighmy, Kevin Gardner

Properties of Asphalt Mixtures with RAP

RMRC PROJECT 9 PI's:Jo Sias Daniel

Environmental Risks with Slag Reuse

RMRC PROJECT 10 PI:Jeffrey Melton

Concrete Carbonation

RMRC PROJECT 12 PI:Kevin Gardner

Specification Developments of Recycled Materials in Transportation

RMRC PROJECT 13-14 PI:Warren Chesner

Protocol for Compaction of CIR

RMRC PROJECT 15 PI:Stephen Cross

Foamed Asphalt Stabilization

RMRC PROJECT 16 PI:Dale Peabody

System Design Development of FDR

RMRC PROJECT 17 PI:Rajib Mallick

Durability of Recycled Base Course

RMRC PROJECT 18 PI:Khaled Sobhan

Synthetic Lightweight Aggregate Development

RMRC PROJECT 19 PI:Mohsen Kashi

PCC Pavement Recycling Machine

RMRC PROJECT 20 PI:John Wojakowski

Erosion/Sediment Control Specification of Composted Products

RMRC PROJECT 21 PI:Ron Alexander

Tear-Off Shingle Scrap Recycling

RMRC PROJECT 22 PI:Roger Olson

LCA Model for Recycled vs Virgin Material

RMRC PROJECT 23 PI:Arpad Horvath

Recycled Plastic Earth Stabilizers

RMRC PROJECT 24 PI:Thomas Fennessey

Recycled Tire Space Blockers


Structure Coefficients of Foamed Asphalt Roads

RMRC PROJECT 26 PI:Dale Peabody

Tire-Soil Embankment Monitoring

RMRC PROJECT 27 PI:Jorge Zornberg

Cement Stabilized FDR Base Materials

RMRC PROJECT 28 PI:Heather Miller

Granular Waste Material F&T Leaching

RMRC PROJECT 29 PI:Florence Sanchez

Anti-Vegetation Tire-Rubber Tiles

RMRC PROJECT 30 PI:Woody Raine

Permeable Reactive Barriers

RMRC PROJECT 31 PI:Taylor Eighmy

Industrial Byproduct Subbase Leaching

RMRC PROJECT 32 PI:Robert Arndorfer

Fine Recycled Materials in Flowable Fill

RMRC PROJECT 34 PI:Jeffrey Melton

Carbon Sequestering Construction Materials

RMRC PROJECT 35 PI:Kevin Gardner

Evaluating RAP Mixtures using the MEPDG

RMRC PROJECT 37 PI:Jo Sias Daniel

Performance of RCA Pavements

RMRC PROJECT 38 PI:David Gress

Foamed Asphalt and FDR Specifications

RMRC PROJECT 39 PI:Dale Peabody

Mine Waste Aggregate Leaching

RMRC PROJECT 40 PI:Jenna Jambeck

Stripping Potential of Recycled HMA

RMRC PROJECT 41 PI:Jo Sias Daniel

Recycled Material Highway Construction Assessment

RMRC PROJECT 43 PI's: Alberta Carpenter, Kevin Gardner

Literature Report on RAP and RCA

RMRC PROJECT 46 PI:Tuncer Edil

Stabilization of RPM and RSG with Coal Combustion Product

RMRC PROJECT 47 PI's:Craig Benson, Tuncer Edil, Ali Ebrahimi, Brian Kootstra, Lin Li,

Utilization of Cementitious High Carbon Fly Ash (CHCFA) in CIR

RMRC PROJECT 48 PI's: Tuncer Edil, Haifang Wen

Trace Metal Leaching from High Carbon Fly Ash Mixed Soils

RMRC PROJECT 50 PI:Ahmet Aydilek

Leaching of Trace Elements from Materials Stabilized with Fly Ash

RMRC PROJECT 52 PI's:Tuncer Edil, Craig Benson

Railroad and Highway Reconstruction with in-situ Reclamation Materials

RMRC PROJECT 53 PI:Tuncer Edil

Synthesis of Use of Crumb Rubber in Hot Mix Asphalt

RMRC PROJECT 54 PI:Hussain Bahia

Evaluation of Recycled Asphalt Shingles as Structural Fill

RMRC PROJECT 55 PI:Ali Soleimanbeigi Tuncer Edil, Craig Benson

Updated User Guidelines in Green Infrastructure

RMRC PROJECT 59 PI's:Craig Benson, Sabrina Bradshaw

Recycled Base Course Materials Stabilized with Cement and Cement Kiln Dust

RMRC PROJECT 61 PI's:Tuncer Edil, Brian Kootstra

Design System for HMA Containing RAS Material

RMRC PROJECT 66 PI:Hussain Bahia

Update of WiscLEACH Roadway Environmental Assessment Software


Recycled Materials Used as Unbound Base Course

RMRC PROJECT 68 PI:Tuncer Edil

State DOT Life Cycle Benefits of Recycled Material in Road Construction

RMRC PROJECT 69 PI's: Angela P. Ahlman, Tuncer Edil, Eleanor Bloom, Kelly Del Ponte

In Situ Stabilization Of Gravel Roads With Fly Ash

RMRC PROJECT 70 PI:Felipe Carmago, Tuncer Edil, Craig Benson, Wilfung Martono

Strength Contribution and Equivalency of Subgrade Reinforcement Methods/Materials

RMRC PROJECT 71 PI's: Tuncer Edil, Craig Benson

Subbase Construction With Industrial Byproducts And Geosynthetic Reinforcement

RMRC PROJECT 72 PI's: Tuncer Edil, Craig Benson

Fly Ash Use In Reconstruction Of Bituminous Roads

RMRC PROJECT 73 PI's: Craig Benson, Tuncer Edil, Paul Bloom, Ali Ebrahimi, Lin Li, Brian Kootstra

Stabilization Of FGD Byproduct Using Fly Ash

RMRC PROJECT 74 PI:Xiaoming Liu

Ash Utilization In Low Volume Roads

RMRC PROJECT 75 PI's: Tuncer Edil, Craig Benson

Reuse of Asphalt Shingles in Roadway Construction

RMRC PROJECT 76 PI's: Tuncer Edil, Justin Warner

Groundwater Impacts from Coal Combustion Products

RMRC PROJECT 77 PI's: Lin Li, Craig Benson, Tuncer Edil

Environmental Suitability Of Scrap Tires

RMRC PROJECT 78 PI's: Nilay Tatlisoz, Tuncer Edil, Craig Benson

Engineering Criteria for Shredded Waste Tires

RMRC PROJECT 79 PI's: Tuncer Edil, Peter Bosscher

Cost Effective Means of Managing Poor Condition Pavements

RMRC PROJECT 80 PI's: Teresa Adams, Tuncer Edil

Recycled Unbound Materials

RMRC PROJECT 81 PI:Tuncer Edil

Fly Ash Stabilization Of Gravel Roads

RMRC PROJECT 82 PI's: Tuncer Edil, Craig Benson, Bulent Hatipoglu

Incorporating a Fly Ash Stabilized Layer Into Pavement Design

RMRC PROJECT 83 PI:Tuncer Edil, Craig Benson, Sazzad Bin-Shafique

Use of Recycled Materials Behind MSE Walls

RMRC PROJECT 84 PI:Ali Soleimanbeigi William Likos, Burak Tanyu, Ahmet Aydilek

US Hwy 12/18/151 at Verona Road-Beltline: Recycled Materials Case Study

RMRC PROJECT 85: PI's: Tuncer Edil, Angela Pakes-Ahlman, Eleanor Bloom, Gregory Horstmeier

I-94 Recycled Materials Case Study

RMRC PROJECT 86 PI's: Tuncer Edil, Angela Pakes-Ahlman, Eleanor Bloom, Gregory Horstmeier

Recycled Materials Network: Connecting Producers to Consumers Website

RMRC PROJECT 87 PI:Andrew Graettinger

Assessing the Life Cycle Benefits of Recycled Material in Road Construction

RMRC Project 88 PI's: Eleanor Bloom, Gregory Horstmeier, Angela Pakes, Tuncer Edil

System Wide Life Cycle Benefits of Fly Ash