Material Tracking Tool

In order to promote the tracking of recycled materials used in DOT projects, the RMRC developed a Microsoft Excel based spreadsheet to track recycled materials. The program uses pavement mix designs in order to calculate the tons of recycled material used. The tracking tool can be used on an individual project basis; the resulting quantities can then be added to a state wide tabulation. While the tracking tool is not meant to act as an LCCA or even an LCA, the resulting total quantities can be used in LCA and cost comparison calculations using the same methodology as in this study. The RMRC tracking tool was created based upon the WisDOT system of payment for measured quantities of bid items (sometimes as price indices). The bid items represent a material or processed used in pavement construction.

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User Manual

The user is able to modify the tracking tool to fit their system or use it on a system wide scale or on an individual project.

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