The User Guidelines for Waste and Byproduct Material in Pavement Construction started as a normal hard copy manual. Then, through the perseverance of Special Engineering Projects Division Chief Roy Trent, the dedication of COTR Marcia Simon, and considerable push from the Communication Services Group, the electronic reference version came to be. Updates to the electronic online version were prepared for portions of the site by the Recycled Materials Resource Center , University of New Hampshire .

The 2007 updates were conducted by:

  • Jenna Jambeck, University of New Hampshire
  • Andrew Graettinger, University of Wisconsin – Madison
  • Kevin Gardner, University of New Hampshire
  • Craig Benson, University of Wisconsin – Madison
  • Jeffrey Melton, University of New Hampshire
  • Tuncer Edil, University of Wisconsin – Madison

The 2007 updates were overseen by:

  • John Sager, US EPA
  • Jack Youtcheff, FHWA

The original hard copy of this report was prepared for the Federal Highway Administration by (with original acknowledgements below).

  • Warren Chesner, Chesner Engineering, P.C.
  • Robert Collins, Robert J. Collins & Associates
  • Michael MacKay and John Emery, John Emery Geotechnical Engineering, Ltd.

Preparation of this report required the effort of many individuals who devoted their time and talents to review and provide valuable suggestions and technical information. In particular the authors wish to acknowledge the participation of the Expert Advisory Panel listed below. During the preparation of this document, each panel member received draft copies of the report for review and technical comment. The panel members included:

  • Keith Anderson, Washington Department of Transportation
  • Dana Arnold, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • Dale Decker, National Asphalt Pavement Association
  • Taylor Eighmy, University of New Hampshire
  • Ted Ferragut, American Concrete Pavement Association
  • Henry Justus, New Jersey Department of Transportation
  • Thomas O. Malerk, Florida Department of Transportation
  • Vernon J. Marks, Iowa Department of Transportation
  • Richard Meininger, National Aggregates Association & National Ready-Mixed Concrete Association
  • Richard Petrarca, Twin County Recycling Corp.
  • Carlton Wiles, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
  • Michael Winka, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

A special thanks is extended to the following individuals and their organizations for their review and assessment of specific sections of the report:

  • Don Derkics, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • Michael Blumenthal, Scrap Tire Management Council
  • Steve Hoffman, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • Mitch Nowicki, American Fly Ash Association
  • Jere Rose, National Slag Association
  • Debbie Sector, Herzog Contracting Corporation
  • Barry Stewart, American Coal Ash Association

The authors wish to express their gratitude to Mr. Norman Nosenchuck from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation who agreed to participate in the conduct of a survey that identified current state environmental regulatory policies relative to the use of waste and by-product material in pavement applications. This survey was included in the report.

A special thanks is extended to Dr. Edith Tanenbaum, who provided much appreciated editorial comments on the text of the report.

Finally, the authors wish to express thanks to the support staff of their firms, and particularly Christopher Stein, who prepared the graphics presented in this report, and Lynette Van Helden who was responsible for the report typing and difficult production effort.