Project 1/2

Alkali Silicate Reaction

Project 3/4

Geochemical Weathering Reactions

Project 5

Sound Absorbing PCC Pavement

Project 6

Recycled Material Aggregates

Project 7/8

Secondary Materials Risk Analysis

Project 9

RAP Asphalt Mixtures

Project 10

Slag Characterization Techniques

Project 12

Concrete Carbonation

Project 13/14

Recycled Materials in Transportation

Project 15

CIR Mixture Design

Project 16

Foamed Asphalt

Project 17

FDR Mix Design

Project 18

Recycled Aggregate Durability

Project 19

Synthetic Aggregate

Project 20

PCC Pavement Recycling Machine

Project 21

Compost Erosion Control

Project 22

Asphalt Shingle Recycling

Project 23

Recycled vs Virgin Material

Project 24

Recycled Plastic Earth Stabilizers

Project 25

Recycled Tire Space Blockers

Project 26

Foamed Asphalt Roadway Recycling

Project 27

Tire Soil Embankment

Project 28

Cement Stabilized FDR Base Materials

Project 29

Granular Waste Material F&T Leaching

Project 30

Tire Rubber Anti Vegitation Tiles

Project 31

Permeable Reactive Barriers

Project 32

Industrial Byproduct Subbase Leaching

Project 34

Fine Recycled Materials in Flowable Fill

Project 35

Carbon Sequestering Construction Materials for High

Project 37

Evaluating RAP Mixtures using the MEPDG

Project 38

RCA Concrete Pavement Survey Outreach

Project 39

Full Depth Reclamation Specifications

Project 40

Mine Waste Aggregate Leaching

Project 41

Stripping Potential of Recycled Material HMA

Project 42

Recycled Material Aggregate Characterization

Project 43

Recycled Material Highway Construction Environmenta

Project 44

Assessment of leaching in Embankments constructed with Coal Fly Ash

Project 45

Modulus and CBR Values for Construction and Demolition Debris (UNH)

Project 46


Project 47

Stabilization of Reclaimed Pavement Material and Road Surface Gravel with Coal Combustion Project

Project 48

Utilize Cementitious High Carbon Fly Ash (CHCFA) to Stabilize Cold In-Place Recycled (CIR) Asphalt Pavement as Base Course

Project 50

Evaluation of Testing Protocols for the Environmental Assessment of Fly Ash Stabilized Soils

Project 52

Evaluation of the Environmental Performance of CCPs in Roadway Applications

Project 53

Reconstruction of Railroads and Highways with in-situ Reclamation Materials

Project 54

Synthesis of Use of Crumb Rubber in Hot Mix Asphalt

Project 55

Evaluation of Recycled Asphalt Shingles as Structural Fill

Project 59

Updated Beneficial User Guidelines

Project 61

Large Scale Model Experiments of Recycled Base Course Materials Stabilized with Cement and Cement Kiln Dust

Project 66

Design System for HMA Containing a High Percentage of RAS Material

Project 67

Update of WiscLEACH Roadway Environmental Assessment Software

Project 68

Specifications and Recommendations for Recycled Materials Used as Unbound Base Course

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