Migitating Alkali Silicate Reaction In Recycled Concrete

RESEARCH PROJECT 1/2 Principle Investigator: David Gress

Leaching Characteristics of Ash

RESEARCH PROJECT 3-4 Principle Investigator: Kevin Gardner

Improving Sound Absorbing Capacity of PCC Pavement

RESEARCH PROJECT 5 Principle Investigator: David Gress

Evaluation of Recycled Material Aggregates

RESEARCH PROJECT 6 Principle Investigator: Jeffery Melton

Contaminant Leaching from Secondary Materials

RESEARCH PROJECT 7/8 Principle Investigators: Taylor Eighmy, Kevin Gardner

Properties of Asphalt Mixtures with RAP

RESEARCH PROJECT 9 Principle Investigator: Jo Sias Daniel

Environmental Risks with Slag Reuse

RESEARCH PROJECT 10 Principle Investigator: Jeffrey Melton

Concrete Carbonation

RESEARCH PROJECT 12 Principle Investigator: Kevin Gardner

Specification Developments of Recycled Materials in Transportation

RESEARCH PROJECT 13/14 Principle Investigator: Warren Chesner

Protocol for Compaction of CIR

RESEARCH PROJECT 15 Principle Investigator: Stephen Cross

Foamed Asphalt Stabilization

RESEARCH PROJECT 16 Principle Investigator: Dale Peabody

System Design Development of FDR

RESEARCH PROJECT 17 Principle Investigator: Rajib Mallick

Durability of Recycled Base Course

RESEARCH PROJECT 18 Principle Investigator: Khaled Sobhan

Synthetic Lightweight Aggregate Development

RESEARCH PROJECT 19 Principle Investigator: Mohsen Kashi

PCC Pavement Recycling Machine

RESEARCH PROJECT 20 Principle Investigator: John Wojakowski

Erosion/Sediment Control Specification of Composted Products

RESEARCH PROJECT 21 Principle Investigator: Ron Alexander

Tear-Off Shingle Scrap Recycling

RESEARCH PROJECT 22 Principle Investigator: Roger Olson

LCA Model for Recycled vs Virgin Material

RESEARCH PROJECT 23 Principle Investigator: Arpad Horvath

Recycled Plastic Earth Stabilizers

RESEARCH PROJECT 24 Principle Investigator: Thomas Fennessey

Recycled Tire Space Blockers

RESEARCH PROJECT 25 Principle Investigator: Will Stein

Structure Coefficients of Foamed Asphalt Roads

RESEARCH PROJECT 26 Principle Investigator: Dale Peabody

Tire-Soil Embankment Monitoring

RESEARCH PROJECT 27 Principle Investigator: Jorge Zornberg

Cement Stabilized FDR Base Materials

RESEARCH PROJECT 28 Principle Investigator: Heather Miller

Granular Waste Material F&T Leaching

RESEARCH PROJECT 29 Principle Investigator: Florence Sanchez

Anti-Vegetation Tire-Rubber Tiles

RESEARCH PROJECT 30 Principle Investigator: Woody Raine

Permeable Reactive Barriers

RESEARCH PROJECT 31 Principle Investigator: Taylor Eighmy

Industrial Byproduct Subbase Leaching

RESEARCH PROJECT 32 Principle Investigator: Robert Arndorfer

Fine Recycled Materials in Flowable Fill

RESEARCH PROJECT 34 Principle Investigator: Jeffrey Melton

Carbon Sequestering Construction Materials

RESEARCH PROJECT 35 Principle Investigator: Kevin Gardner

Evaluating RAP Mixtures using the MEPDG

RESEARCH PROJECT 37 Principle Investigator: Jo Sias Daniel

Performance of RCA Pavements

RESEARCH PROJECT 38 Principle Investigators: Jeffery Sturtevant, David Gress, Mark Snyder

Foamed Asphalt and FDR Specifications

RESEARCH PROJECT 39 Principle Investigator: Dale Peabody

Mine Waste Aggregate Leaching

RESEARCH PROJECT 40 Principle Investigator: Jenna Jambeck

Stripping Potential of Recycled HMA

RESEARCH PROJECT 41 Principle Investigator: Jo Sias Daniel

Recycled Material Aggregate Characterization

RESEARCH PROJECT 42 Principle Investigator: Unknown

Recycled Material Highway Construction Assessment

RESEARCH PROJECT 43 Principle Investigators: Alberta Carpenter, Kevin Gardner

Assessment of Leaching in Embankments

RESEARCH PROJECT 44 Principle Investigator: University of New Hampshire

Modulus and CBR Values for Construction and Demolition Debris

RESEARCH PROJECT 45 Principle Investigator: University of New Hampshire

Literature Report on RAP and RCA

RESEARCH PROJECT 46 Principle Investigator: Tuncer Edil

Stabilization of RPM and RSG with Coal Combustion Product

RESEARCH PROJECT 47 Principle Investigators: Tuncer Edil, Craig Benson

Utilization of Cementitious High Carbon Fly Ash (CHCFA) in CIR

RESEARCH PROJECT 48 Principle Investigators: Tuncer Edil, Haifang Wen

Trace Metal Leaching from High Carbon Fly Ash Mixed Soils

RESEARCH PROJECT 50 Principle Investigator: Ahmet Aydilek

Leaching of Trace Elements from Materials Stabilized with Fly Ash

RESEARCH PROJECT 52 Principle Investigators: Tuncer Edil, Craig Benson

Railroad and Highway Reconstruction with in-situ Reclamation Materials

RESEARCH PROJECT 53 Principle Investigators: Tuncer Edil, James Tinjum, Craig Benson

Synthesis of Use of Crumb Rubber in Hot Mix Asphalt

RESEARCH PROJECT 54 Principle Investigator: Hussain Bahia

Evaluation of Recycled Asphalt Shingles as Structural Fill

RESEARCH PROJECT 55 Principle Investigators: Ali Soleimanbeigi, Tuncer Edil, Craig Benson

Updated User Guidelines in Green Infrastructure

RESEARCH PROJECT 59 Principle Investigators: Craig Benson, Sabrina Bradshaw

Recycled Base Course Materials Stabilized with Cement and Cement Kiln Dust

RESEARCH PROJECT 61 Principle Investigators: Tuncer Edil, Brian Kootstra

Design System for HMA Containing RAS Material

RESEARCH PROJECT 66 Principle Investigator: Hussain Bahia

Update of WiscLEACH Roadway Environmental Assessment Software

RESEARCH PROJECT 67 Principle Investigator: Lin Li

Recycled Materials Used as Unbound Base Course

RESEARCH PROJECT 68 Principle Investigator: Tuncer Edil

Statewide Materials Use Study

Updates and developments of various recycled material and industrial byproduct factsheets and introduction of a tool that gathers state wide material quantities which are used to calculate the life cycle benefits associated with the incorporation of recycled materials.

In Situ Stabilization Of Gravel Roads With Fly Ash

Development of a new large-volume application for self-cementing coal combustion products, namely in situ stabilization of gravel roads using self-cementing CCPs.

Strength Contribution and Equivalency of Sub-grade Reinforcement Methods/Materials

Two separate studies were conducted involving Sub-grade reinforcement methods/materials. Their primary focus was upon the strength of the sub-grade reinforcement materials and their respective equivalency criterion.

Sub-base Construction With Industrial Byproducts And Geosynthetic Reinforcement

Investigation into alternative methods for providing a stable platform over soft sub-grades with industrial byproducts and geosynthetic reinforcements.

Fly Ash Use In Reconstruction Of Bituminous Roads

Creation of a design guide including step-by-step design procedures along with practical implications relevant to implemention.

Stabilization Of FGD Byproduct Using Fly Ash

Investigation into how fixated or stabilized flue gas desulfurization (FGD) scrubber material can be used as a stabilized base.

Ash Utilization In Low Volume Roads

Reviewing and analyzing data collected at Waseca and Chisago County MN involving roads constructed with byproduct material.

Reuse of Asphalt Shingles in Roadway Construction

Determination of the technical specifications of RAS, the effect of fly ash stabilization on RAS strength, and practicality of the widespread use of RAS.

Groundwater Impacts from Coal Combustion Products

Development of a model that assess groundwater impacts caused by leaching from CCPs used as base, sub-base, subgrade, or structural fill.

Environmental Suitability Of Scrap Tires

A report of leaching studies coinciding with the use of scrap tires in highway construction.

Engineering Criteria for Shredded Waste Tires

Evaluation of the environmental suitability of the reuse of waste tires and their ease of recycling.

Cost Effective Means of Managing Poor Condition Pavements

Identification of construction treatments and/or materials that can be used to extend the service life of pavements in poor condition.

Recycled Unbound Materials

Characterization of the properties of crushed recycled concrete (RCA) and asphalt pavement (RAP) as unbound base without being stabilized.

Fly Ash Stabilization Of Gravel Roads

Evaluation of both short and long term geo-mechanical and geo-environmental performance of a road constructed using fly ash stabilization.

Incorporating a Fly Ash Stabilized Layer Into Pavement Design

Research into how incorporation of a fly ash stabilization layer effects the construction of a roadway and it's environmental impacts.

Use of Recycled Materials Behind MSE Walls

Recycling of coarse grained material produced on site and reuse as alternative reinforced back fill.

US Hwy 12/18/151 at Verona Road-Beltline: Recycled Materials Case Study

Use of Seminole Highway reconstruction projcet to improve techniques for collecting data needed for inputs of the life cycle assessment (LCA) and life cycle cost analysis (LCCA) tool, PaLATE, as well as assess the benefits of using recycled materials in the project.

I-94 Recycled Materials Case Study

Research conducted by the Recycled Materials Resource Center using LCA and LCCA to evaluate the impact and effectiveness of recycled materials on I-94 construction.

Recycled Materials Network: Connecting Producers to Consumers Website

Creation of a recycled materials network that provides locations of specific recycled materials in an interactive map, individual case studies, and state regulations with the use of recycled materials.