Strength And Stiffness Of Recycled Base Materials Blended With Fly Ash

The objectives of this study were to assess the engineering properties of two recycled materials. Laboratory experiments were conducted in which a recycled pavement material (RPM) and a road surface gravel (RSG) were tested to determine the California bearing ratio (CBR), resilient modulus (Mr), and unconfined compressive strength (UCS). Results of these tests were compared to the properties of a conventional base material (Class 5 base). The recycled materials were blended with two fly ash contents (10 and 15%) and three curing times (7, 28, and 56 d). Resilient modulus and unconfined compression strength tests were also conducted after 5 cycles of freezing and thawing to asses the impact of freeze-thaw cycling.

The full thesis may be found in the following file:

Felipe Filizzola Camargo Master Thesis 2008