Scaling and Equivalency of Bench-Scale Tests to Field Scale Conditions

The objectives of this study were to determine the resilient modulus for recycled materials using Large-Scale Model Experiments (LSME) to replicate field conditions.  Tests were conducted on two recycled materials; recycled asphaltpavement (RAP) and recycled concrete aggregate (RCA), as well as on one blended material consisting of 50% RCA and 50% conventional base material (Class 5).  The results of LSME testing were compared to the resilient modulus determined using laboratory methods in accordance with NCHRP 1-28a and field scale methods using falling weight deflectometer (FWD).  The scalability of the laboratory results to field conditions was addressed by adjusting the resilient modulus to reflect a comparable stress-state and strain level.  The plastic deformation of materials tested in theLSME was also assessed.  A conventional base course meeting the gradation standard of a Minnesota Department of Transportation Class 5 aggregate was used as a reference material in this study.

The full thesis may be found in the following file:

G. Scheartl Master Thesis 2010